Can you please help me to change these sentences to Imperative cause I still haven't quiet undestant


Imperative become infinitive phrases in reported speech, preceded by a verb such as tell, order, command. and ask, with a (pronoun) for the person addressed

Put into reported Speech, using the verb indicated:

1.Go Away (He told)

2.Come here (I asked)

3.Eat it up (Tell)

4.Run away (They told)

5.Pay at once (They ordered)

6.Fold it in half (She asked)

7.Give me another (Ask)

8.Write quickly (Tell)

9.Sit down (We asked)

10.Have a cup of tea (She asked)

asked Oct 05 '11 at 02:59 deww.wiee New member

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I'll do one as an example for you:


1 .Go Away! (He told) : "He told her to go away."

They all follow that format, but be careful of specific references that change in the report:

2.Come here! (I asked) : I asked her to come ____."  The word 'here' has to be changed in some way, like " I asked her to come to where I was standing."

link answered Oct 05 '11 at 08:22 Mark Heyne Expert

Hi Mr Mark Heyne Thank you so much for you answers. Can I ask you one more please? Can I Used subject "me" in that sentences? For example Question no 5 "They ordered me to pay at once" is that correct? deww.wieeOct 05 '11 at 23:49

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     tall hre  Eat it up /they  are told  hre  to run away

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