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I want to know if this sentence is correct. "This month's expense was taken care by me."

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I think you probably mean 'expenses' - as in, costs you can claim back from your employer beacuse you only incurred them because of your job. 


"This month's expenses was taken care of by me."


However, I would change it around to remove the passive tense. 


"I took care of this month's expenses."

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      1)  " I have taken care of this month expenses"

      2)  "This month expenses have been teken care of by me " 



 I`m not a native speaker ,though.

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It is always better to use active voice - i.e., "I took care of this month's expenses" - rather than the passive voice: "This month's expenses were taken care of by me."




link comment answered Oct 10 '11 at 20:08 Shaila Fernandes Expert

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