combination of verbs.


I remember vaguely that I learnt in highschool that there are 5 verbs that following verbs should only be in present participle form.  The only one I remember is the verb "see" e.g. I saw you walk down the street yesterday afternoon.

What are the 5 verbs and what are the rules?

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i didn't rembere can you tell me ?

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That rule is of no actual use to you.

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Why is it? anumongkol sirivedhinOct 03 '11 at 08:39

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First, the present participle is the 'ing' ending.  So, it would be:


"Yesterday, I saw you walking on the street."


Second, I am not sure that there is any hard rule about this.


It is acceptable to say, for example, both:


I saw you walking yesterday. (participle)




I saw you walk across the street. (present simple)

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