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I am thinking about doing some writing and as such, would like whatever I write about to be presented in a well structured way.  Proper composition and grammar, along with spelling accuracy is essential. 


Along with doing proof reading, what additional benefits, if any, can I expect to get when I use Grammarly?  For instance, will it scan a sentence and restructure the sentence if it is flawed?   


Supposing I decide to write a chapter about something; will Grammarly help with prioritizing though structure or pick up on and correct word or sentence redundancies? 


In fact, can Grammarly possibly do an entire rewrite of a manuscript? 


I think I know the answers to almost all of these questions, but for what it's worth, can you clarify specifically what is possible and what isn't when employing Grammarly software?  I can use all the help I can get.

asked Oct 02 '11 at 01:58 Gary Ritchie New member

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