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Goodmorning, Principal, staff and students. Today I have come upon this stage not for any speech such as 'Pakistan  Day' or 'Labour Day' but today all of us here, are gathered to bade goodbyes to Mrs. Rehan our beloved Principal. My fellow students all of you may get surprised to know that Mrs. Rehan had been administrating our school since 1998. That makes a total of 13 years and in these particular years school have been kept perfectly with improvements not only in academic section but including the inter-school sports partipication, many of my fellows visiting Karachi for 'Spelling Bee' competition and many more. Today, I may not be able to write down all what Mrs. Rehan has done to improve our school but I am proud to tell all of you here, that since 1998 till 2011, the standard of our chool rose statistically from 51% to 91%. Surely. these are the efforts of our Principal that today Convent of Jesus and Jesus and Mary stands on second rank among all the best schools in Lahore. Where Mrs. Rehan possesses an effectionate personality on the same hand she is an ambitious person.Every year raising of funds through meena-bazar and other co-curriculars reflect her pure and generous intentions.Surely her efforts provided shelter and relief to many disaster struck victims last year and many times before.I remember vividly,last year when class 9 had to got to Islamabad for an educational and re-creational trip.All of us were asked to bring Rs.5000 for the trip.Everyone was quite ecstatic about the Islamabad trip and all of us submitted the money with in a week,except one.Keeping that girl anonymous in my speech, I shall proceed on.That fellow of mine was sorrowfull since she could not bear the expenses of the trip.Her twinkling eyes had lost the shine in them.However on the last day when Mrs. Khurram announced the names of the girlg who had to arrive at station the next mornong at the crack of dawn that girl,s name was also said.She was thrilled.The adrenaline rush in her veins was so intense that she could not stop the impulsive taers appearing in her eyes.Later I saw the same girl at the door of Mrs. Rehan’s office with some roses in her hands.Certainly it was Mrs. Rehan who brought smile on the face of that modest girl. School is our second home and Mrs. Rehan, it was actually you who made me realize this.Since now you are leaving us.We shall miss you.However in your days of retirement you can make a small garden at your place growing some plants or flowers.One of my fellow suggests that a woman like you with unlimited talent and potential should do cattering bussiness, a work which would require your cooking skills and administration with dishes and their transferinf to the customer.Some also think that now you should rest or maybe using your excellent writing skills commence writing articles in a magazine or any newspaper.Therefore,you are the best Principal one can have.Thank you Mrs. Rehan for always being there as a mother.Thankyou for never letting us down.Our mutual feelings and love shall always remain with you .Thankyou everyone and Mrs. Rehan.My love and regards for you would never be less.We will miss you.

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