what should we use in general ?


Her hair looks beautiful OR Her hairs look beautiful?

asked Sep 27 '11 at 08:30 SHAINA New member

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Hair is a collective noun (lots of things count as one, like sheep and sand) so we would say 


"Her hair looks beautiful." 


Similarly, her hair is red, her hair is long. 

link answered Sep 27 '11 at 08:58 Siân Harris Expert

thnks sian.....my query is solved now........ SHAINASep 27 '11 at 11:30

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Your name is very similar to mine, so I thought I'd answer your question even though Sian has responded already!


She's right, it is: "Her hair is beautiful."



link edited Oct 11 '11 at 02:26 Shaila Fernandes Expert

heyy thanks ..Hope to get more answers from ur side in future shaila... SHAINAOct 11 '11 at 05:16

Glad to be of help, Shaina! Please upvote my answers if they help. Shaila. Shaila FernandesOct 11 '11 at 15:44

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