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Please help me rephrase these sentences to familiar and everyday words. Thank you

See example:

Please ascertains whether we must perpetuate our current contract despite perplexing profits.
asked Sep 21 '11 at 19:29 gina New member

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Please find out whether we should continue our current contract dispute, given our surprising profits.


Admittedly, without a bit of context, it's hard to make sense of it -- "perpelxing profits" I translated to surprising profits -- it could be our "poor profits", "low profits", "unexpected profit situation" -- or even (and maybe more likely??) "the surprising result" -- in other words, profit might not really be what you're getting at. Also, it's not clear who this is directed to, as "please ascertain" (note that yours says ascertains, but I assume that was a typo) is a direction to someone to do find out something.  Again, given the lack of context, but taking an educated guess, I imagine what you might really be getting at is something like: "Does it make sense to continue our current cotnract dispute, given the poor results."

link comment answered Sep 23 '11 at 00:46 Ingrid S New member

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