i need explain a bout verbs.

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A verb is a 'doing' word - it describes an action.






The name of the verb is called the infinitive, and is always in the form 'to ___'.

running >> to run

jumping >> to jump

being >> to be


Verbs are then conjugated to give the correct word for the tense (eg present, past, future) and the person/number (eg I, you, we, they)



To Run

I run, I ran, I will run

you run, you ran, you will run

we run, we ran, we will run


To Jump

I jump, I jumped, I will jump

you jump, you jumped, you will jump

we jump, we jumped, we will jump


To Be

I am, I was, I will be

you are, you were, you will be

we are, we were, we will be


Hope that helps!

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