quotations when the name of a short story that is in quotation marks is at the end of a sentence whe


where does the punction go in "The Stray"?

See example:

What theme did your group pick for "The Necklace"?
asked Sep 20 '11 at 00:44 kathleen fahrner New member

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The Grammarly Handbook   [http://handbook.grammarly.com/] says:


The punctuation that comes with the quote stays within the quote, and the punctuation that comes with the unquoted sentence stays outside the quote.

If you end a sentence with a quote that contains end-of-sentence punctuation (period, exclamation mark or question mark), there’s no need for anymore punctuation at the end of the sentence: just let the quote’s punctuation do all the work.

The man said, “I shall be re-born!”

So I asked, “Where did you get that outfit? Your mother’s childhood dress-up box?”


So your sentence is correct as it is.

link answered Sep 20 '11 at 06:48 Mark Heyne Expert

Ooo, someone's using the Handbook! This is exciting for me! KimberlySep 20 '11 at 13:56

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