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In fact, the controversies arise from debate on obesity prevention make it appear difficult to overcome. But in reality, it seems to be reasonable to assume that law has certain contribution to this program. We know that like many other sciences, law also has ethical and philosophical aspects. Thanks to these aspects; they create laws to prohibit the use of biological weapons, whether in war or by means of terrorism. They even set up rules to prevent the spread of certain infectious diseases such as TB in the population; therefore it is also possible to use the same ethical and philosophical aspects of law to create laws that control the food industry. In fact Magnusson (2008) stated, "The ethical and philosophical role of law justifies the use of the right to influence the determinants of obesity." 

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I suggest this way:


Thanks to these aspects, they create laws to...

rules to prevent the spreading of certain infectious diseases, such as...

population. Therefore, it is also

aspects of law to create rules to control...

About this subject Magnusson stated, in 2008, that "The ethical...


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