im a student


Grammerly says review the sentence. I think it is correct. If it is wrong can someone tell me Why? thanks

See example:

These memories are intrinsically tied to who I am.
asked Sep 07 '11 at 14:39 ron New member

I am a student Amna AhmedSep 07 '11 at 15:38

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I think Grammarly thinks that 'tied' is an action affecting 'who', so it may think you need to change the pronoun 'who' to the object case, 'whom'.  


However, this is not necessary with this sentence construction.  Your sentence, 'These memories are intrinsically tied to who I am', is a correct sentence.

link comment answered Sep 10 '11 at 09:11 Kimberly Expert

No.The correct answer is "I am a student"

link comment answered Sep 07 '11 at 15:40 Amna Ahmed New member

No, the acceptable answer is ' I am a student' .

link comment answered Sep 08 '11 at 04:16 sanjaya.lenka New member

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