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MUHAMMED BIN YUSOF, Nasyeed in Radio of Da’wah: A Study on Nasyeed at Radio A thesis, Department of Da’wah and Human Development, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

The use of the radio is still in trend although it has to compete with the new aged technology medias such as television, internet and etc. The radio is still widely use and popular till to date. The status as the medium to educate, spreading the info, and entertain the world is still preserved as it is one of the oldest mean of communication in human civilization. The progress and innovation of this electronic media is very distinctive. All this while, the radio had become the most influential medium in changing the peoples’ way of thinking and mind setting. Based on that reason, on 16th July 2001, the station of was created to become the medium to preach or to spread da’wah throughout the nation. The existence of this channel is to help the community to have better understanding and the right perception in understanding the holy religion of Islam. has been labeled as the first Malaysian Islamic radio station and has solely becoming the medium of the Malaysian nasyeed industry. Thus, this research in focusing on the objective to find out the concept of da’wah channel based on the Islamic broadcasting theory, to explain and elaborate the function of nasyeed in Islamic sound art perspective and to analyze da’wah through nasyeed in radio station in understanding the relation with the listener. This research will be using the library research method and field work research. In fieldwork research, the researcher will be using few methods to gather the data such as questionnaires, interviews, and observations.

Based on the research conducted, da’wah channel through radio station brings its own functions that consistent with the concept, model and program that have been specialized to carry out the mission and vision of da’wah while obtaining the community’s physical and spiritual well balanced. Nasyeed is the most effective tool to spread da’wah while entertaining and carries its own identity. This research also has found out that nasyeed’s entertainment on station has becoming the new age da’wah’s media. The songs that have been aired on the station have the direct relation to the listener as it gives many positive effects. As the impact, the youth group in the new converted Muslims can be influenced by the radio station of Indirectly, this research can be the answer for all the problems in this research.

As an implication, this research makes the concept of da’wah station and the features clearer and becoming potential to establish the unit of Syari’a Station. Lastly, this research also can be beneficial to related parties especially on da’wah through nasyeed on radio station.


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