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I discovered that most of the grammatical issues raised in the papers were not corrected. It's like one is just reading a general comment. Is there anyway one could see the correct usage> Thank you

See example:

Access to good health care delivery and food and clothing can ensure healthy living; however, most refugees, especially women and children, are vulnerable because aid pledged aids by governments and international organizations often does not come through .
asked Sep 07 '11 at 02:46 David Sodiya New member

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The Grammarly grammar checker is not intended to correctyour writing for you, but to identify the possible errors and guide you through revision.


If you have any ther questions about Grammarly and how it works, please write to Grammarly Support, as this is a public forum for the discussion of English grammar and writing, not a forum for support issues.

link comment answered Sep 10 '11 at 09:28 Kimberly Expert

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