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Greetings! What is the different between Queen English and American English? Is it the spelling? or something else? Kind regards!
asked Sep 02 '11 at 12:47 Mohd Al-Jalori New member

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Yes, there are more differences between the Queen's English (note the "the" and apostrophy s) and American English than simply spelling. By the Queen's, I assume you mean British, but it is worth noting that there are differences in English spoken all around the world. 


British and American English have different words and names for things, as well as different spellings for the same words. While a lot of the grammar is the same, there are still differences between the two. Of course, pronunciation can also differ greatly.


Similar differences can be found between English speakers from many countries around the world, not just the Anglo-American.


As I understand it, the Communicative Approach is not specific to any language but has been designed to assist with all foreign language learning. (


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