Why "a type" is "wordiness" here? How can I express this meaning?


Grammarly said the "a type" is potentially unnecessary, how can I modify this?

See example:

The Zhuhai Customs has applied a type of intelligent equipment which enables automated/ self-service immigration clearance.
asked Aug 30 '11 at 01:57 YANG New member

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If we say ' a type of intelligent equipment', it is little bit confusing. The reader may think of different possible intelligent equipment, this may distract the reader from reading; 'intelligent equipment ' may make the reader less confused and distracted, so the reader is more attentive with reading. I can also say that ' a type of intelligent equipment' is a relatively long compound word that the reader has to consider the meaning together, so if the reader has only 'intelligent equipment', he can better catch the meaning.

link comment answered Sep 01 '11 at 04:04 Hasta Bhattarai New member

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