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Below there is a paragraph of a text about migration. I didn't understand this sentence: "Remittances are often used to fund schooling." What do they mean? Remittances from who? Who funds? Schooling to who?


"Indeed, some argue that emigration can actually enhance the stock of brainpower. Migrants spend longer studying, pick up more skills and experience, and may then return home. Remittances are often used to fund schooling. Moreover, the prospect of emigration and prosperity abroad may induce others to get an education. All this suggests that the consequences of emigration, albeit not negligible, are tricky to measure."

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From the context, I suspect that it means money earned by the migrant, probably from a job they hold during their time away, either for education in their new country or for additional education when they return to their country of origin. It may also mean money sent home by the migrant, used to educate family members or friends back home. 


It is a little ambiguous.

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I also agree with above answer and same understanding.

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