How would you fix the word looking in the sentence

See example:

While paying a visit to her mother and Maggie, Dee tends to look around at some of her mothers belongings as if she were looking of something worth value to her.
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There's actually nothing wrong with the way you've used the word looking here, but I would change it to "seeking" or "hunting", because it follows on so closely from the word "look". While there is nothing wrong with this technically, it is stylistically inelegant.


If you want to keep the word "looking" (or if you choose the word "hunting"), you should change the following "of" to a "for": "...looking/hunting for something...". If you change the word to seeking, you can remove the word entirely: "...seeking something..."


You need to add a possessive apostrophy to Dee's "mother's belongings" (the belongings of her mother).


You should also change the phrase "worth value" as it is incorrect. You could use "of worth" or "of value" or even "worthy of interest", depending on what you want to say and which you prefer. Personally, I would use "of value".


You could also drop the final "to her", unless you specifially mean the item has value to Dee and no-one else. If this is the case, you would be better to add the kind of value the item may have into the description of the item: "something of emotional/sentimental/nostalgic value"


"While paying a visit to her mother and Maggie, Dee tends to look around at some of her mother's belongings as if she were seeking something of emotional value."

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