1.useage of 'being'

2. useage of  ' ON, TO, FROM, FOR, WAS, HAS, HAVE , IS  ' etc.........


3. tense in detail and useage

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1) 'Being' is the -ing ending (present participle) of the verb 'to be'. All verbs have a present participle which is used in present, past, and perfect continuous, which is formed by the verb 'to be' + the present participle.  The continuous form is used to talk about actions that occur in a process.  Most state verbs (to be, to exist, to love, etc.) can only be used in the continuous in certain situations, and in most cases when it is used it's perceived as slang ("I'm loving it.") or an intentional mistake used for emphasis (I'm just existing.)


They are playing baseball.  (Third-person plural, present continuous)


I was watching television before you came home. (First-person singular, past continuous)


He was being stubborn while we were trying on new clothes. (Third-person singular, past continuous)


We have been singing Christmas carols since Thanksgiving Day. (First-person plural, past perfect continuous)


2) See this link for uses of prepositions.


And, this link for information about common prepositions.


3) See this link on verb tenses.

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Independence day fallen on the same day

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Need some help on Tense.  could you clarify the useage of tenses and  direct tense and indirect tense useage appropriate places




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