how can i compose an essay writing of such question?the effect of slang in school?what category of e


how can i compose an essay with tietle the effect of slang in school?what class of essay is this?how can i start?

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The Effect of Slang in School is a great title for an academic essay.


To discuss this topic you should consider:


-- whether or not slang has changed or not changed academics?


-- how has slang impacted education?


-- what evidence do we have of changes in education related to slang?



This topic may lend itself well to an argument construction.  In an argumentative essay you should have a strong thesis statement (main idea or argument) that you state clearly in your introduction.  You then build your paper around your reasons and examples for thinking the way you do.


A typical outline for an argumentative essay looks something like this:


Paragraph 1: Introduction

-- Thesis statement


Paragraph 2: First reason

-- Example


Paragraph 3: Second reason

-- Example


Paragraph 4: Third reason

-- Example


Paragraph 5: Address the opposing point of view


Paragraph 6: Conclusion



I hope this helps.



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Hi how are you? this is a great topic and i hope you were able to write this topic effectively. Here is a useful resource:

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Let me know when you need more.

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