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what is the correct usage of would vs will

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1.Would and will are both auxiliary modal verbs.
2.Will is used to talk about definite future actions.
3.Will is used to talk about: quick decisions, promises, offers and a likely prediction
4.Would is used to talk about: invitations, requests, asking permission, talking about preferences and making arrangements.
Both will and would can be used in conditional statements.


Read more: Difference Between Would and Will | Difference Between | Would vs Will http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-would-and-will/#ixzz1GCbvJAFA

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As regards writing fiction, "will" is present tense and used when directly quoting a character's thoughts: "Tomorrow I will arrive at the castle." "Would" is past tense and used when paraphrasing what the character is thinking: "Tomorrow he would arrive at the castle." The first is the actual internalized thought, directly quoted. The second is not quoted thought.

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would use for the past tense and will use for future tense

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OK! Thank you very much!!



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So he will discuss this with her or he would discuss this with her?

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Is this correct?

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