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Travel & Living:  please connect with Dave Dulong to understand where he is with the final expenses.  He had mentioned to me that there was no 2011 expense and was looking into 2010
IST Labor Rates:  please reach out to Sonja to understand who the qualified facilitators would be for these programs.  Then you discuss with Dave the cost difference between the vender and the IST facilitator. 
Claim Codes:  from today's discussion, there were still some countries which Siew Yien had not provided.  When we talk next, let's discuss what we should do to finalize and how we can then pull reports
ICA BF process:  I'm about half way done with the process and plan to finalize by end of month

asked Aug 17 '11 at 09:34 Neel New member

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The CN tower has infinite hight. Is this sentence is corrocet.

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Students admirable success made teachers proud.

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I am Dinesh, I working in John crane, as a production engineer, from five and half years. Now I am working as a subco engineer.

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