object or subject relative pronoun


Here is the question.
Across the hall from us are the Jones, who come to our apartment regularly ...
"who" is the relative pronoun, but is it object or subject relative pronoun?
We are suppose to be studying object rel. pron. but a student pointed out that "who" is the rel. pron. for the subject "Jones", is this correct or is Jones the object?
thank you

asked Aug 17 '11 at 04:32 Bob New member

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In this sentence Jones is the Subject. Whenever you invert a verb, the subject follows the verb. For example. (Subjects marked bold)


  • There are several people who are hit by the financial crunch
  • Never did I understand this usage 

Who is subjective case and Whom is objective case. For more information, see below


link comment answered Aug 19 '11 at 06:55 Ravi A New member

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