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B) Defensive Medicine

With increasing cost of premiums for malpractice insurance doctors may feel legally vulnerable to is all too real, reality the higher the probability doctor will they practice defensive medicine. This is where the debate begins. We are under all impression that doctors make educated decision based on clinical proven evidence regarding our environment understands what is acceptable to keep patients safe. Defensive medicine has a different purpose. It includes the optional referral for tests, and procedures focused main problem doctors out of being sued not taking care patient needs. Of course, as some may indicate that, defensive medicine is about ‘defense’ and not ‘medicine’ to take care of health care needs. Defensive Medicine diminish financial resources exposes patients to risks of tests they don’t vital requirement. How can anyone secure’ this? Beyond the economic costs, the practice of defensive medicine trade barriers patient access to care from physicians who limit their practices as well a decreasing supply of physicians.

C) Integrated Delivery system

In a Integrated provider Medical practice a coordinated health care system formed by physician groups and hospitals which increases efficiency and reduces redundancy in providing health care; Integrated delivery systems coordinate delivery of a broad range of health services, hospital and ambulatory care services for members by contracting with several provider sites and health plans. The objective is to coordinate delivery system all party involved are synchronized in the continuum of care to patient that patient receives optimal care.

See example:

"With rising cost" of premiums for malpractice insurance doctors may feel legally vulnerable to lawsuits also is all too real, increases the likelihood doctor will they practice defensive medicine.
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