Why is this sentence correct?


I don't know whether or not this sentence is correct. If yes, why ?


- Why should he thinks that ?


Please give me clear explainations!




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You ask about the following sentence:


Why should he thinks that?


Notice that you are using a modal verb [should], followed by another [mian] verb [think].  The rule is that modal verbs are followed by base form verbs.  Let's quickly identify some modal verbs:  can, could, should, must, will, would, etc.  Likewise, let's clarify what is meant by a base form verb:  verbs are normally categorised into 4 'forms':  present simple, past simple, past participle, present participle.  Here's an example of the 4 forms:  go, went, gone, going.  You use the verb 'think' in your sentence.  Here are the 4 forms:  think, thought, thought, thinking.  So, you have to ensure that you use the first form [base form], and this means that the verb has no additions [no -s, no -ed, no -ing].  The error in your sentence above is that you use the base from + -s [present simple tense], and this is not allowed.


Your sentence should be corrected to:


Why should he think that?

link comment answered Jul 13 '13 at 04:16 Ahmad Barnard Expert

Thinks, in this case, is not the correct form; it should be 'think', unless you were to write the sentence like this: "I wonder why he thinks that?"

link comment answered Jul 13 '13 at 14:02 Beckers New member

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