No idea.


No idea..what is wrong??

See example:

Because I am goal-oriented and have a strong sense of responsibility.
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Patty has correctly pointed out that this is not actually a sentence but a dependent clause.  This means that something is missing: an independent clause.  Simply put, a dependent clause needs in independent clause in order to create a meaningful [complex] sentence.


You start your sentence with 'because' - this is a subordinating conjunction, and it introduces a clause [a group of words with a subject and predicate] that needs to be attached to another clause that does not have a subordinating conjunction [an independent clause].  This kind of clause is called 'dependent' because it needs something - an independent clause.  The only way for you to correct this sentence is by adding an independent clause, but remember to separate that independent clause from the dependent clause by using a comma.  If you don't, you will end up with a run-on sentence [a sentence in which a comma is supposed to be used, but which doesn't use one].  Here's one possibility:


Because I am goal-oriented and have a strong sense of responsibility, I am committed to making a success.

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