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People adapt take a cup of water when they drink coffee and the other drink water before or after drinking coffee. Each of the cases we have benefits but many people not aware about the benefits drinking water after drinking coffee helps to remove or reduce the color that may be attached to the teeth, also it  help to alleviate the concentration of sediments that are deposited in the kidneys and the resulting coffee and not to help prevent dry skin and prevent formation of kidney stones. However , if you drink water before you start drinking coffee it will help to relieve focus Alcavie .
Coffee defects:
Make you sleepless in the night and sleep in the morning.
Change the color of the teeth so it is advised to drink a cup of water for each cup of coffee
It can increase the burning of stomach, irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.
Pregnant can drink two cups or less a day, but a lot of drinking coffee leads to abortions or the birth of children with little weight.
Coffee increased worry.
Coffee may increase the osteoporosis, so you should not drink more than 2-3 cups anyone who has fragility.
Drinking Turkish coffee increases the cholesterol and fat because it contains from Kafestul and Kahoewal.
It increases the blood pressure, but it’s not effect foe who drinking coffee daily.
It is possible to increase the pressure inside the eye after a half hour of drinking and continue to  hour and  half.

The benefit of the coffee:
Reduce risk of injury prostate cancer that killer men.
Reduce the risk of injury stroke.
Coffee can increase the body's sensitivity about that mean it will work more efficiently to reduce sugar and this is important for people from diabetes type two who is suffering  from obesity.
Drink a cup of coffee before exercise or walk helps to reduces tire your muscles and help to providing energy for it.
Coffees alter the brain and increase his productivity.
Drink 4 cups of coffee per day reduced the percentage of gout disease (disease of kings).

Why some people cannot sleep even if they drank a small amount of coffee?
There are differences in caffeine reactions, some people sensitive from caffeine more than others, this related to the difference in the genes that is responsible for caffeine Lifetime in the body.


What is the normal range of coffee every day? The normal amount of Coffee cup size is 150 ML. A cup to three cups of coffee with caffeine on the day will not hurt you may you will have benefited more than expected. Drinking more coffee especially that contains caffeine may cause health problems.

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