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I wrote the sentence: "What does it precisely mean?". The Grammarly tool sugests me to change the word "precisely" to make the sentence clearer. I changed to "What does precisely it mean?". Now, it is telling me that the verb "mean" must be written like "means". I didn't understand.

See example:

\\si What does precisely it mean?
asked Jul 09 '13 at 08:43 Marcelo Schiessl New member

I would write, "Precisely, what does it mean?"

David CoulterJul 09 '13 at 20:15

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Thanks guys, I think Shawn really understood what I meant. My doubt was only related to the position of the term "precisely" in the sentence.

link comment answered Jul 09 '13 at 14:47 Marcelo Schiessl New member

The word precisely mean accurately or exactly. Your sentence could have been "What is the meaning of precisely?" or "What does precisely mean?".

link comment answered Jul 11 '13 at 09:29 Scarlet Darwin Contributor

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