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Should who or whom be used in this statement: "Please let me know who/whom I should contact to rectify this issue."

whom asked Jul 08 '13 at 12:19 Brandy White New member

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Whom is correct as you need an object in this sentence.

link comment answered Jul 08 '13 at 13:38 Rahul Gupta Expert

It is not entirely incorrect to use 'who' as object of a verb, especially in informal register and spoken English. However, it is incorrect to use 'who' as object of a preposition. I personally prefer to use 'whom' as object of both verbs and prepositions, but I'm a sucker for a more formal register. [Says he who uses 'sucker' to demonstrate his preference.]

link comment answered Jul 09 '13 at 02:33 Ahmad Barnard Expert

Whom is correct.

I should contact him. (Him is the object)

link comment answered Jul 09 '13 at 09:58 Z. A. Jazley Expert

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