Which expression will be more suitable? Please guide.


'In the light of the Law of Multiculturalism of 1988 and the 27th article of the Constitution of 1982, the Supreme Court of Canada accepted the principle of ‘reasonable accommodation.’


Shall I substitute 'With reference to' for 'In the light of'' ?



Sarvan Minhas


asked Jul 08 '13 at 06:11 Sarvan Minhas New member

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Both are gramatically correct, but In the light of...makes it a little clearer that the decision was based on the legislation.  (In British jurisprudence With reference to,  or the latin In re usually precede a case name).  In accordance with...... and Under the dispositions of ....... could also have been used, but are not necessarily an improvement on your In the light of .     Incidentally, I think that "in light of..."  seems to be growing in popularity; it may be of US origin, so you may wish to bear that in mind if your audience is mainly in that country. (No doubt our American friends will help on this point.)

link comment answered Jul 08 '13 at 08:40 Michael Cranfield Expert

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