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Grammarly says:  The infinitive verb “to ” has been split by the modifier “never”.  Please ensure the  split infinitive does not confuse the meaning or flow of your sentence.


"I vowed to never let a guy control me."


Do I keep the sentence as is, or do I change it and how?

asked Jul 07 '13 at 19:26 Nicole Honig New member

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Whether split infinitives are wrong or not is often debated in grammar circles. As a linguist, I side with those who say split infinitives are not grammatical errors; however, I also think it's important to communicate with (not irritate) your audience.  So, with that in mind, I recommend changing your sentence to "I vowed never to let a guy control me."  This revision avoids splitting the infinitive but does not change the meaning or flow of the sentence.

link comment answered Jul 07 '13 at 19:48 Dr. G Contributor

I  agree with both responses above.  There is no reason to get oneself in a knot over splitting or not splitting the infinitive.  In most cases, however, a sentence flows easier if the infinitive is not split, but one has to also account for register and for oral use.

link comment answered Jul 08 '13 at 01:14 Ahmad Barnard Expert

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