use of has or have


how many days has january or have january what is correct and why.

the room has / have two doors and four windows

asked Jul 07 '13 at 04:01 harsh malpani New member

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How many days has January?   How many days does January have?  Both are grammatically correct.

link comment answered Jul 07 '13 at 10:07 Michael Cranfield Expert

How many days January has?

The room has two doors and four windows.

link comment edited Jul 07 '13 at 09:51 Scarlet Darwin Contributor

January is the subject in your sentence.  Therefore, singular verb should be used as January is singular.

January has 31 days.

The room has two doors.  (Room is the subject and it is singular.)

link comment answered Jul 07 '13 at 16:19 Z. A. Jazley Expert

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