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I have a question about the usage of this structure.

 ''Donna requested Frank come to the party.'' Source from:

According to the grammar book in my country, it writes '' If you displaced the word that, the sentence would be The doctor suggested his patient to stop smoking. It is considered indirect command.

After all, it does or does not matter when you don't write the word that in the sentence.

Can you help me with this problem? 


Thank you very much!


asked Jul 05 '13 at 17:00 ducdang123 Contributor

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I don't know if this will help,   but in Britain your sentence is not Standard English usage, with or without that.  We would say "Donna invited/asked Frank to the party".  Or, perhaps you meant "Donna requested that Frank be invited to to the party".

The other sentence  should be "The doctor suggested that his patient stop smoking' or "The doctor suggested to his patient that he stop smoking".

link answered Jul 05 '13 at 23:02 Michael Cranfield Expert

Thank you for answering my question!

ducdang123Jul 06 '13 at 16:21

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