bring or take.


Which is correct?  I will bring the food to her or I will take the food to her?

asked Jul 05 '13 at 01:41 Carolyn Patterson New member

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Nothing wrong with the food, if you are referring to particular food that you have already defined in your conversation.  But obviously your question is really about the distinction between bring and take .  Both are grammatically correct, but the correct use here would depend on the location of the person you are talking to:  if that person is with you,  you would say take, but if he/she is with the other person, you would say bring.

link comment answered Jul 05 '13 at 10:55 Michael Cranfield Expert

Both these sentences are gramattically correct, but the use of bring or take depends on the type of situation. If the speaker as well as the listener are not at her place, then we will say "I'll take the food to her".  If both the speaker and the listener or either of the two is with  her, then we will say I'll bring the food to her". Aslam Khan

link comment answered Aug 10 '14 at 08:12 Aslam Khan New member

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