Correct use of pronouns following a preposition


Is it correct to say "for you and me?"

asked Jul 04 '13 at 22:33 Pam New member

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In the case of a verb + object, you would have:


The lion sees YOU AND ME.  - Here 'sees' is the transitive verb that takes the direct object 'you and me'.  The pronoun 'you' looks the same in the subjective and objective position, but the pronoun for the first person singular is 'I' in the subjective position and 'me' in the objective position.  This often confuses people as they suppose that 'you', in this example, is in the subjective position because the subjective and objective positions for this pronoun look the same.


In the case of a preposition + object, you would have:


My sister gave the books to YOU AND ME. - Here the preposition is 'to' and, like a transitive verb, it requires an object.

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