Please look at this sentence and correct it if it is ill-formed.


"It was this unity , which in fact lies at the heart of all religions, that had broken down in medieval Islam and medieval Hinduism and that the Sikh Gurus wanted to restore to the life of individual and society."


Two questions:


1. Is the construction okay?


2. Could I use 'restore in' instead of 'restore to'?  



Sarvan Minhas



asked Jul 04 '13 at 12:09 Sarvan Minhas New member

2 answers


1. The contruction is fine but "the" is missing before "individual".


2. No,  "restore in" would not fit here.

link answered Jul 04 '13 at 16:34 Michael Cranfield Expert

Thank you Michael. Could you please explain why 'the' is necessary before 'individual'? What happens if we omit the article?

Sarvan MinhasJul 05 '13 at 04:15

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Individual in this context is a noun and so is   qualified  by an article, either indefinite (an)  or definite (the), a number,  as in "24 individuals were caught spying", or an adjective ("brilliant individuals usually succeed").  In the plural only,  individuals can be used without qualification, as in "individuals who break the rules will be punished."  It could have replaced the singular individual in your sentence.

Individual is also used as an adjective,  as in "individual freedom is of paramount importance".

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