seperation of sentences


are my sentences correct

See example:

We are parents of Jayabharathy Gobichettipalayam Nageswaran(hereafter mentioned as Bharathy)born on September 09 1978, residing at 1804 Merry wood drive, Edison, NJ.
asked Jul 04 '13 at 01:09 gopi New member

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Gramatically correct, but it is not clear who is living at the address: the parents, the son or all three.

link comment answered Jul 05 '13 at 11:43 Michael Cranfield Expert

You need commas before born and after 09. If the street is Merry Wood, the w in wood should be capitalized, as should the d in Drive. If the street name is Merrywood, eliminate the space between Merry and wood. Place a space before and after the parentheses. In your title, correct "seperation" to separation. And I would say "We are the parents of...", rather than, "We are parents of.....".

link comment edited Jul 13 '13 at 17:23 Jane Owen Eason New member

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