Literature writing, grammar, punctuation.


Recently I try to write some English close to the field of literature. English is my second language, therefore I need some help from people who has some sense of aesthetics. Thank you. And because I am still on the stage of mimicking, I am sorry if it looks similar to you.


I always consider what behind the curtains is, as if there were a nymphet with an veil--smiling; and implying that her beauty should be the last thing to be seen on earth, or even belonging to a realm of exsistence that lies beyond. Every time when I try to grasp it through those curtains, they resound echoes, suggesting that I should not seek to utter it, to me. And so be it, my eyes become dimmed and turn away.


I do not know what I have written, however, thank you for helping.

asked Jun 23 '13 at 12:43 BangBangBang New member

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