She is taller than I or she is taller than me?

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This is a debate that been going on for centuries.  But to my ears,  "than I"  sounds ugly.    So I  say either "than I am"  or, outside the company of purists, "than me."  

To reinforce the point, what does "mother  loves Mary more than I" really mean?   You really need either "...more than me" or "...more than I do" to avoid the ambiguity.

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There are 2 correct answers. (1) Some people argue that 'than' is a subordinating conjunction in this example, in which case it is followed by a subject pronoun - 'than I'. (2) Others argue that 'than' is a preposition in this example, in which case it will be followed by an object pronoun - 'than me'. I suppose it all depends on whom you quote. For me, both are acceptable, and I'm not tense arguing the case this way or that way.

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"I am taller than her." "I am taller than she is." These are both acceptable, though the second is preferred by purists. You would not say "I am taller than she." now, but it might have been used in the past.  So, "She is taller than me" and "She is taller than I am" are both OK with current native English speakers, though the second is more formally correct. To say "She is taller than I." sounds archaic.

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