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In the national library took place the day of memory of folk figures of Uzbekistan.
Utkir Khashimov was the author of more than 70 books, has worked in various media, has held senior positions in the publishing house of literature and the arts Gafur Gulam and was the chief editor of the magazine "Shark Yulduzi." Along with the creative work, Utkir Khashimov actively involved in social and political life of Uzbekistan. Utkir Khashimov   many times had been awarded by various government awards and honors, including the award of the Hamza, the title of People's writer of Uzbekistan, the State Prize of Uzbekistan, the orders "Mehnat shuhrati" and "Buyuk hizmatlari uchun" He died on May 24 of this year, a 72-year life after a long illness.
Farhad Musazhonov was an outstanding scriptwriter, the owner of the medal "Shukhrat." Farhad Musazhonov died on May 28 of this year.
Oman Mukhtar was born and raised in the city of Bukhara, who worked for the children's newspaper in Uzbekistan's State Committee for Television and Radio in the studio "Uzbekfilm", the publisher of literature and art, was the winner of the State Prize, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Knight of the Order "Dоstlik" Major works of Omon Mukhtor: "Thousand one person", "Man in the Mirror", "Land of the kingdom of women".

The event was attended by the writer - Erkin Usmanov, a scholar of literature - Shukhrat Rizaev, writer - Ashurali Zhuraev, poet Miraziz Azam, writer - Zohir Alam, a professor of Kozokboy Yuldoshev. All the participants talked about the life and work of Utkir Hoshimova, Omon Mukhtor and Farkhad Musazhonova, their priceless works that have contributed to the development of literature, art and culture of the country.

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Patty is right but I'll give you a starter:


 Uzbekistan's folk heroes have been commemorated at the National Library.


(In fact, in the western world the expression "folk heroes" is generally associated with legends such as Robin Hood or real-life people like Che Guevara,  but I think it fits nicely into the context of the former USSR).

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