about the word 'for'


It is unrealistic to abandon the study of those general disciplines which are basic and necessary to students just for exchanging some specialised subjects which seems to be helpful for students’ future careers.

my teacher said 'for' I used was not clear. She said that it was hard to understand my 'for' meant 'for the reason' or 'for the purpose of'

Can anyone understand my sentence written above? and since the word 'for' has many different meaning, how should I do in my writing to make sure there will not be any misunderstood.

asked Jun 20 '13 at 03:21 wangfa627 New member

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The main problem here is "just for exchanging some ".   What you need instead is "in exchange for";

"helpful to" is better than "helpful for" student's careers; and "subjects" are in the plural so should be followed by "seem".


There are a number of errors in your final paragraph, for example:



and the last phrase would be improved by "how can I avoid being misunderstood?"   To which question there is no quick answer, other than  "keep studying":  there is no shortage of books on the subject of the correct use of words - and I hope that you have access to at least one.   And of course "Grammarly Answers" is there when you need help with specific problems.

link comment answered Jun 20 '13 at 12:03 Michael Cranfield Expert

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