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How do I adequatley reference an Air Force Instruction both on a reference page and in the text?


As of right now this is my reference

United States Department of the Air Force. (2012, August). Suicide prevention program (AFI   90-505). Retrieved from


and this is my citation within the text.

(AFI 90-905, 2012).

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Article critique on "Great leaders Don’t Need Experience" written by Gautama Mukunda,
Published in (October 2012 edition) Harvard Business Review.
It’s a Great honor to me to discuss this article as part of my curriculum, “Great leaders don’t
Need experience”. Article by Gautama Mukunda, he is a former professor at Harvard Business
School. According to his own experience, he came up with certain ideas and examples in this article to justify his Statement. This article makes a clear account about Experience its importance VS desire without Experience. Here the author stated the statement by evaluating Great leaders in the United States of America. According to him, he categorized two kinds of leaders in our society, Filtered and Unfiltered. In this article he quoted. Strong desire is fine enough to get Success in every body’s life, without considering their experience. The author is strongly believed,   if the individuals had a great desire without experience, they will get success in their life.
           Here I would like to express my views on this article “Great leaders don’t Need Experience” this is a wonderful Subject to Expend my views, sharing my ideas on this topic. According to my view, I noticed some of the greatest strong points which he mentioned in this article.  I really felt very interested areas like Desire is a state of mind. It can be developed through the thought process. First, everybody must evaluate the idea or that the things how we want it. In two in our life. Visionary people achieve their goals irrespective of experience in their life. As leaders who are self –managing, we need to display what Charles Handy at the age of unreason calls “A proper selfishness”: Those who learn best and most, and change most comfortably, are those who take self-responsibility for themselves and for their future, have a clear view of what they want that future, how to be, want to do they get it, and believe that they can.” In easy words their vision –are highly motivated to achieve their goals.
     On the other side of view, I would like to mention few things about this article. First and foremost thing about this statement “Great leaders don’t Need Experience" my strong encounter for this statement. No one will bear with a desire to become a Great leader. After fronting day to day challenges, what they learn from those particular situations it modeled their personality to become great in their lives.  As per my view on Abraham Lincoln, he never born with a Great desire to become a President of United States of America. After facing various situations in his life, it drives him to become a President Dream. Here Experience is not a single form it might be practical and theoretical. Which we learn from Schools, Environment, Social interactions. This also kind of experience .How can we say that great leader don’t have great experience. Of course if you have a strong desire to become great defiantly you will reach your stand still you need experience.

Experience plays important role in everyone’s life. It helps to understand the situation, it allows rationalism and brings best possible solution’s to fit according to the situation. As per Abraham Lincoln: character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it the tree is the real thing. There are various practical evidence it shows lack of experience there are great leaders fails in their life. A good administrators should have good experience. These all skills makes us perfect personality. A good personality is a good leader.  If you have a great desire with great experience you can minimize the mistakes and maximizes your roles in any organization.

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In the article, "Following the Old Ways or the New," the author illustrates the challenges of moving to the new country. Since each country has its own culture and language, newcomers should follow the new culture to gain knowledge about the society, so they can live better.  For self-gain, learn the new country's language is very important, so we are able to communicate with people and familiarize both their neighbors and their environment. However, through the language he or she can start communication, it might be through shaking hands, hugging and even kissing one another (depend on to the place and situation). We also understand that looking to the eye of each other is very important when we talk or have met with them. Definitely, living in a new country can be a challenging time, when people move to the another country, they should keep some old ways and at the same time follow some of the new country customs, adjusting and following the some of the new cultures be the best way to influence to a new society.  

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