Can I remove the second 'the' instead of the first 'the' as it reads better to me in this sentence..


Regarding use of articles and their suggested change, I wonder if I can remove either 'the' as it used in my sentence. Can anyone give feedback on this? I am new to this support and just signed up today, so I am not too familiar with the protocol. Any quick assistance would be appreciated! Sincerely, Corihere

See example:

"The microcosm of the department affects the macrocosm of the organization"
asked Jun 16 '13 at 17:40 Cori Hamilton New member

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I just answered this, maybe you double posted by mistake? This sounds like a motivational or promotional sentence - which sometimes allows us to throw the rules out the door. As such, I think it sounds just right - including all four instances of "the." My only correction is to move the last word inside the quote. Cori, your example is fine by me - and I think it's a good business quote – one to hang on the wall after a graphic artists spiffs-up the fonts and adds a border. (BTW, it's also true.)

link comment answered Jun 17 '13 at 03:11 Brother Dave Contributor

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