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How do you go about choosing a business card? That’s simple; a business card serves 2 purposes: number one to be informative and supply a business’s important contact information and number 2, to market a business. But that’s not all; unique business cards are also a portrayal of who you are as an individual and what your company can offer. Therefore, everything about it, should say something about you. 

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Hi Honey,

Exactly! The Alternative, natural cures, was what I was recommending for dad's treatment.  Unlike conventional doctors that unfortunatelly, as alternative doctors say, are still behind many years in how to target the immune system, they only treat the disease offering not much hope while the cancer patient suffers the horrendous chemotherapies, radiations and so forth leaving them with many side effects which kills the patient more than the diseasse itself.  No, I am not saying that the conventional medicine is bad, in fact, ther are marvelous in helped people with thousands of other diseases and are great for reconstruction of many parts of the body, reconstruction of the bones, re-attachment of limbs and more, but when it comes to help the immune system, the most importan part for a human to survival - as alternative doctors say,  they are behind 20 years.  

After listening to the UCA doctor and Dr. wallack explain the many dangers with conventional treatments, I was terrified!  I don't want to sound repretitive when I say that for the last 18 years I have been an advocate of aalternative medicine that when for the first time I've learn though Dr. Stan Mitchell in Ventura, and since then I've read many books and sat on front of my computer learning more and more about hwat offers this marvelous natural cures, thus I've learned to admire and respect the many doctors and their natural methods they use to cure, not suprese cancer, but that unfortunately, for many years have battled with the pharmaceutical demands...! 

So far, since I've learned about Beto's prostate cancer I have done a lot of research, but more intensely since I've learned about dad's cancer.  As you know I have many books that give incredible information as to how renoun doctors in alternative medicine are actually doing to cure cancer - it is fascinating!  I have also ordered, at a relative good price, their internet e-book reports from  those doctors which I spent quite a quality time reading and learning about their methods and their great success in curing not only cancer but other threatening dissease as well.

In one of the books that I purchase, Cancer Breakthrough USA I found alternative clinincs and amazing doctors who treat cancer using their unique method, all of them coming to the same conclusion... CURE!

In one of my books Dr. Isaac Eliaz is mentioned and recently I opened his page and biography, he is absolutely awesome!  He has study in China and hold a degree in homeopathic medicine, one of my favorites, he has study accupunchur and more.  if you want to read his page click his site below.

Also, in my cancer breadthrough USA,  under the "Incurables" page 3 give the names of the most renoun doctors wo use the alternative ways, the names are:  Dr. Rene Welhose, ND. PhD (Neeurophatic Doctor.)  Dr. David steenblock, D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy)  Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. Medical doctor and from whom I receive many of my natural supplements.  Dr. Jim PRivitera, MD. Medical Doctor, Dr. Tim Birdsall, N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor) Doctor Dpmma Abfa;;. N.D. (Naturophathic Doctor) and Dr. James W. Forsythe, M.D. (Medical Doctor) He is located in Reno, Nevada and new about him for many years of the wonder cures in various diseases, his clinic, I've heard and read that has the latest in equipments.  These medical doctors use both methods of alternative and conventional combine with great results.  I also have many other names of doctors.  Dr, Forsythe methods of curing cancer are through 3 therapies that apparently give great results. 1) A patented natural food called Poly-MVA a natural cancer remedy.  2) Performs a series of intravenus treatments known as Forsythe Immune Therapy - a prorietary blend of vitamins, minerals, salicinium (a homeopathic medicine), and homeophatic  benzaldehyde, and 3) He uses a form of chemo that has no side effects unlike conventional which hits the patient like a sledhammer.  I also found out about the laser method in one of my reports, this is quite effective as they target directly to the cancer cells and kills them, needs no anasthesia and the procedure it only takes 45 minites.  

So, here we are with so many wonderful alternative options for dad's prostate cancer, he does not have to go into any aggressive methods of the conventional medicine than can deteriorate dad's immune and nerves system - great hope!  Now, we have to see which method is the one that dad, with our support, wants to chose.

Here is another site of Sunridge Medical Wellness Center.  I read what they offer and I'll call them to get more infor, but as any other alternative doctors and wellnes center there are questions to ask. ckic the videos.    click the videl.

See you home.  :)

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A 32 years - old woman, with a long – curly brownie hairs, bodyshape likes a supermodel, with a flat - round eye is staring  with a patience towards a 12 years old cute little children with his short curly hair , is crying with a clear, many little tears, flows through his blush wide cheeks, while stomping his tiny feet. “ I want to watch WWE ! I want it! I want it! Please mama ? “ . He advocates his mother with running, watery little nose and eyes. “No my dear , u cannot watch such that kind of television programmed. It is not suitable by your age right now “, said his mother gracefully to coax her spoon – fed son . Then, without any words , this child is kicking his mother and run out to his own rooms while crying loudly. His mother startled for a while. “ What the earth he is behaving like that ? It is so rude ! How could he kicking me just because I don`t give him to watch such that of series! “. Said his mother in her deep  inside heart, mumbling. Based on situation above, nowadays, in this sophisticated eras, and increasing of economic growth drastically, there are some situation that might be risky to our country. The invention of new technology , for instance, television is a vital medium nowadays to give information effectively to us. However, we seldom heard about television violence occurred between toddlers, young children and teenagers have been increasing tremendously. So , without wasting our precious time , television  violence be composed of  many consequences to the toddlers, children and teens as it can cause aggressive behavior, unable to differentiate among real and unreal and reducing the children`s value of life.

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