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I need a complaint letter about our I.T manager he is not install my required software. i have request by email but he is not given any responce so i want comlaint to our HR dept. but i dont know what the best way & format for complaint & good woding. kindly help me...

thanks in advance

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This isn’t exactly in our scope-of-service here, but a word of advice from someone who was in business many years: think twice, then three times before writing a complaint letter to management about a fellow employee. I would send the IT person another note first. If that isn’t successful, visit him/her in person. Explain your situation calmly and you may find that your IT manager has a problem beyond his control or that he is swamped with work, but that you are on his list.

I don’t recommend that you threaten her with a letter to HR either. That letter will follow both of you as long as you remain with that company and possibly (in some form) to your next job as you move up the ladder… and you will surely make an enemy.

However, as I mentioned above, this a website where we help people with grammatical issues, we generally don’t write entire letters for visitors, but if you are determined to write that letter, Elin’s suggestion is a good one. If you don’t find a suitable sample, a brief conversation with your immediate supervisor would be better than going immediately to HR.

If nothing else works, a brief note such as: “In order to complete my assignments here I must have _____ application. Would you please install it on my computer or explain how I can access it as soon as possible. Thank you.” If you follow this procedure by following the chain of command and take notes, you will have back-up in case someone wants to know why your work isn’t completed.

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Open your Word, go to File, and choose New from the drop-down menu. From there you can choose all sorts of templates. However, mind your punctuation and capitalization: do not write the letter the way you wrote your question.

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