Not sure what you are asking me to do here?

See example:

Also, it became clear that I was beginning to grasp the ideas around the more technical aspects of instrument division of Delphi Automotive vs. the New Company.
asked Jun 06 '13 at 00:56 Akhlas Kaczmar New member

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I think a rewrite was requested.


Also, it became clear that I was beginning to grasp the technical differences between the instrument divisions of Delphi Automotive and the New Company.

link answered Jun 06 '13 at 06:34 Richard Hall New member

If you stick around, Richard, you will find that people often use Grammarly's software then come on here thinking that we are employees or demanding rewrites. This isn't an editing service. When this forum began, the moderator participated frequently. She was very clear on the direction and purpose of the forum. It was to discuss grammar, help others learn about grammar, not to do homework or write for others. Though we do often rewrite a sentence, as you did, we usually do it along with a discussion of why something needs to be changed. But most people that post such questions as this aren't interested in learning how to write correctly in general. They just want to get a passing grade on a paper or convince a boss they know how to write, so if someone is willing to write for them, they take it and run. There has been a sudden influx of participants in the last two days, so it seems obvious that Grammarly has done something different to attract more participants. That's great! I guess I'll wait to see if the moderator shows up.

Patty TJun 06 '13 at 11:36

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