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I've continuously received citation audits throughout my essay for like random words and phrases that were from sites featuring content that's irrelevant to my essay topic. But in regards to the ones that are relevant, how do I properly site them so it won't continuously say I've plagiarized parts of my essay? For example:

The Greek philosopher, Plato once stated, “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, and children should be taught music before anything else." These words should not be discounted. Plato, together with his mentor, Socrates, and apprentice, Aristotle, created the foundation of western philosophy.
I got this citation audit for quoting Plato and grammarly thinks I stole it. How would I properly site it as a reference in the paragraph to rid of the prompt?

Citation audit A part of your paper is matching some text from the Web. Please make sure that this text is properly referenced. Web source: Consider using one of the following pre-formatted references or write your own reference in using the appropriate format: MLA: "Nightingale Music School." Insert Name of Site in Italics. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2013 . APA: Nightingale Music School. (n.d.). Retrieved from Chicago: Nightingale Music School, (accessed June 5, 2013).

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You must first decide on a Referencing system. The two most favoured for academic essays are APA and Harvard. With any system, there are two modes of referencing: 1. The in-text citation and 2. the reference list. Here is an example of a citation using the Harvard system for a web document:
'Many students in their first year of tertiary study have issues with keeping a balance between work, study and relationships (Hillman 2005).'
In your reference list, this would appear as:
'Hillman, K 2005, The first year experience: the transition from secondary school to university and TAFE in Australia, viewed 16 September 2008, <>.'


Simply insert your own details. But this is for a web reference. Book and journal references are different. Here is a link to an AGPS Harvard Referencing Guide:

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Really, the favored academic systems differ in area of study. In the States (I am assuming you are from England because of the 'u' in favoured) the most common are MLA, APA, and Chicago. MLA is English, APA is Science, and Chicago is History.

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If you are using MLA, I would suggest Purdue Online Writing Lab. It is fairly detailed. 

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