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In the sentence "The orange basketball is new", is "new" apart from the word "orange" is also an adjective?

asked Jun 03 '13 at 16:04 kalyani New member

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The sky is as clear as a diamond on a Queen’s crown. The silky, soft sand falls into your foot shape whilst you walk. The blinding sun looks down unforgivingly, like a scorching oven, baking the visitors who are sunbathing on the hot beach, peaceful beach. The tall, towering, luscious, green palm trees are as pretty as the pure, summer’s view!

link comment answered Feb 10 at 23:37 david New member

What is the adjective and adverb in this sentence?


 The full-time instructors are frequently observed by the dean at the community college.

link comment answered May 26 at 22:06 Jasmine New member

Susan knows the material very (good, well). She always treats us (good, well).

link comment answered Jul 16 at 19:30 karla New member

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