Whomever you choose is my choice, too.



Exercise:  Main clauses paired with fragments are shown below Correct the errors and explain why they are wrong.

1.  The runner slid into third base. And twisted his ankle severely.
2.  Allen stayed out until midnight. Although he had promised his parents he wouldn’t.
3.  When Jack asked ab out an auto loan. He was told to see Mrs. Albright.


Exercise:  Correct the faulty items and explain why they are wrong..

1.  Tricia knew that geology had something to do with rocks, zoology seemed to have something to do with frogs.
2.  Viewed from the air, the ground seemed to be composed of huge, beige squares, there was a misty haze over everything.
3.  My parents cannot visit me during summer they will be on vacation then.


Exercise: Choose the correct verb form from the pair in parentheses, and then explain why your choice is right.

1.  The George Segal sculpture and the Andrew Wyeth painting (seem, seems) to be the most popular items in the museum.
4.  Despite sharing many similarities, each man and woman (are, is) unique.
5.  (Has, Have) either of these streets been scheduled for repaving this summer?


Exercise:  Choose the right pronoun from the pair in parentheses, and then explain why your choice is right.

1.  Professor Samuels, together with her whole class, found (herself, themselves) shivering in the frigid classroom.
2.  Each of the writers expected to have (his or her, their) work praised highly.
3.  Although several students asked, no one received permission to leave (his, their) seat.


Exercise:  Correct any faulty sentences, and then explain why the sentence is wrong.

1.  I am not majoring in English
2.  A large shipment of blueprint paper is on its way to our warehouse, and we will hold your order until it arrives.
3.  Take the baseball gloves from the boxes and give them to the boys waiting outside the store.


Exercise:  Correct faulty sentences and explain why the sentence was wrong.

1.  The more we practice writing, the better one becomes.
2.  Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because it is the day when you honor your sweetheart.
3.  If you don’t want to start working when you get your Bachelor’s degree, a person can always go to graduate school.


Exercise:  Choose the right form of the pronoun for each of the following sentences, and then explain why your choice is right.

1.  (Whoever, Whomever) you choose is my choice, too.
2.  The manager told the delivery boy to give the package to Jake or (I, me).
3.  Although we wanted to stay at the Waldorf-Astoria, a tight budget compelled Loretta and (I, me) to take a room at the YWCA.


Exercise:  Correct the faulty sentences, and then explain why your corrections are better options.

1.  When you watch horror movies, did you become scared?
2.  After running the whole race, I had thought I would get a medal.
3.  Because we had sold our horse, Rex, we needed another horse.


Exercise:  For each of the following sentences, choose the proper expression from the pair in parentheses. Explain your answer.

1  Loretta, a kind person, thinks (well, good) of everyone.
2.  Sam’s presentation was the (more impressive, most impressive) of the two.
3.  Our new computer is performing very (good, well) for us.


Exercise:  Correct the faulty sentences, and then explain your corrections.

1.  The house stood on the corner with aluminum siding.
2.  My wife sprayed the garden while I painted the house with insecticide.
3.  I have read the themes the students wrote twice.


Exercise:  Correct the faulty sentences, and then explain your answer.

1.  As a child, my parents urged me to learn a good trade.
2.  Moving slowly toward the counter, the aroma of frying hamburgers made my mouth water.
3.  When in junior high school, my father changed jobs, and we moved across the state.


Exercise:  Correct the faulty sentences, and then explain your answers.

1.  Next term, Sandy will be teaching beginning math, carrying ten hours of classes, and work part-time in the library.
2.  Psychiatrists distinguish three kinds of mental disorders: paranoia, schizophrenia, and manic depressives.
3.  The working environment at Taskmaster Industries, Inc. was dark and foul-smelling besides the dirt.


Exercise:  Correct any faulty comparison. Explain your answer.

1.    The programs on channel 4 are identical to channel 9.
4.  The price of a textbook are much higher than textbooks in the past.
5.  The mountains in Tibet are higher than Colorado.


Exercise:  Supply apostrophes wherever necessary to correct the following sentences. Explain your answer.

1.  The Smiths always play bridge on Wednesday evening.
2.  All the students opinions are carefully considered at Johns school.
3.  There are four 5s in the Fergusons house number.


Exercise:  Supply commas to correct the following sentences. Explain your answer.

1.  I saw Mr. Atherton the bank manager buying a new car.
2.  For the life of me I couldn’t find the thermos.
3.  The restaurant has openings for waitresses bus boys and fry cooks.


Edit the following passage. Correct any errors in capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. Divide the passage into paragraphs. Make only essential changes.

1) My first sailing trip taught me two valuable lesons. First I realized that I always needed to take extra provisions. When we set out, the sky was blue and cloudless, the breeze was warm. We ate our picnic lunch within the first hour. Then we sailed for two more hours. All the way up shinglehouse slough. When we headed home, we realized that the tide had alredy turned and that we had to hurry, however, the wind had died. We decided to row. We rowed until we were near Charleston bridge. Where the boat snagged on a mud flat. John and I piled out and started to push the boat through the shallow water. Hurrying to get to the deeper channel before the tide was completely out. The sun was now gone, fog and wind were swirling around the boat. We wanted more food and warmer clothing, both were at home, not in the boat. Then I learned my second lesson nature is powerful. As we reached deeper water, we realized that the waves were growing steadily higher. Although the fog was beginning to lift. Soon we were surfing on top of the waves in our little skiff. Propelled by the wind and the current. I began comparing how far I could swim with how far away the shore was. I sat huddled in the bottom of the boat. In an inch of water from the waves spray. Finally, we nosed the boat into the narrow inlet. We scrambled out. Mother nature was a tough teacher.

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