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Help me re-write these sentences

We saw some bugs driving along the lake.Whistling happily, the street was filled with happy sound.I found my missing baseball glove cleaning my room.Pushed behind some other books,Emma found Mary Poppins.

asked May 29 '13 at 21:48 Meredith New member

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In the first three sentences, it seems like the wrong thing is doing the action, though it would be great if our missing baseball gloves could clean our rooms!  In the final sentence, it seems like Emma is pushed behind some other books.  Try re-writing so that it is clear who is doing the action.  For example:


We saw some bugs while we were driving along the lake.

The street was filled with joyful sound because people were whistling happily.

I found my missing baseball glove while I was cleaning my room.

Emma found Mary Poppins (pushed) behind some other books.  [Mary Poppins should be in italics (or in quotation marks if italics isn't available) to indicate that it is a title.  I think "pushed" is unnecessary in this sentence, but that doesn't make it grammatically incorrect.]

link comment answered Jun 06 '13 at 04:40 LC Plaunt New member

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