Some of these sentences are grammatically correct, but most contain exactly one mistake. What is the


1. You shouldn’t drive because you’ve drank too much. 2. I’m going to buy a car. 3. She said she won’t help me. 4. We’ve been owning this house for 10 years. 5. I have never been to the Lake Baikal. 6. I wish I knew about this yesterday. 7. By this time next year, I will have completed my dissertation. 8. How many money do you have? 9. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I’m not used to live in a big city.

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1. ... you've drunk too much. (You need the past participle form of the verb in present perfect tense)

4. We've owned this house... (own is a stative verb and can't be used with -ing)

8. How much money... (money is uncountable, so you need to use much.)

9. ... I'm not used to living in a big city. (After be used to, you need a gerund, that is the verb with -ing)

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